Trackrabbit #2
36 pages

Set against the wholly unprovocative backdrop of suburban New Jersey, 'You Will Not Miss Me' is a coming of age story where nobody learns

Debuting at MoCCA!
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Trackrabbit #1
36 pages

'Look To the Stars' is a
heartwarming tale about a boy and a girl who travel
into space in a craft made from science fiction
novels, and in the process learn to hate each other.

"His cartooning is clean, expressive and natural. He has an excellent feel for character, and displays a penchant for making clever but difficult story concepts work. He is clearly someone to keep an eye on."

Reviewed by The Comics Journal
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The Rhythm Anthology
36 pages

Edited by Geoff Vasile
Contributors: Joe Sayers, Dan Moynihan, Andrew Farago, Geoff Vasile, David Enos, Jared Katz, Nathan Stapley, John Isaacson, Jesse Reklaw, Joe Sayers

"My favorite piece in "Rhythm" is Geoff Vasile's exploration into the lives of Jimi Hendrix sidemen Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding..."

Reviewed by Tom Spurgeon of the Comics Reporter
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Geoff Vasile lives in San Francisco. He likes girls, comics books, and pop music. Just like you.
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