Hello internet. Welcome to Geoff Vasile's brand new website. Please, take some time to look around, peruse the image galleries, and read previews of the cartoonist's award-nominated comics. Perhaps you'd like to buy something, or simply write Mr. Vasile a fawning e-mail praising his tireless commitment to the dying artform of printed narrative picto-stories. You can do that here, too! In fact, the things you can do at this website are limited only by your imagination. Enjoy!

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Geoff Vasile has been self-publishing the one-man fiction anthology Trackrabbit since 2002, the second and third issues of which were nominated for the Ignatz and Maisie Kukoc awards, respectively. His comics and illustrations have appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines, including The Comic Book Guide to the Mission, The East Bay Express,  and Kitchen Sink Magazine. He lives in San Fracnciso.